Moving branches in the xy plane without distorting points

I have 27 branches, each containing curves making one name. Currently the curves all have the same origin point, so they are overlapping each other at the 0,0,0. I want to move each branch randomly in the xy plane. I did this manually with every branch and got the result I am aiming towards. However my next set of data is large. Is there away to achieve the same result with out having to isolate and move each branch?

2021-07-08 12_13_22-Untitled - Rhinoceros 7

Yes, absolutely!

As usual, there are many ways of doing this. Here are two. The “trick” is grafting the Move ‘T’ vector to match the grafted tree of text shapes. Seems to me the real trick is keeping the moved words from overlapping, and perhaps keeping them within a boundary?

You didn’t post your code/geometry? That creates extra work for anyone who wants to respond. :man_facepalming: (38.1 KB)

A third method - instead of moving the words, create them in random locations? (31.2 KB)

Thank you so much! These are both super helpful, and next time I know to add my code!