Moving arrayed groups

I want to array in X direction different span structures. This is done.
Than in Y direction I want to have from 3 bays up to n bay structures.

Can anyone help me to match the Y vector data tree to the data tree of the array optput? (16.5 KB)

Is there a more simpler way to create this 2D grid of structural variations?

Many thanks,

Like this? (30.5 KB)

thanks for your quick reply.
Now you have the constant max number of bays.
The Y direction has to have different bay numbers, starting from 3 to N, as defined in my last array function, I hope youunderstand my attached pictures.
I have all the geometries created with the array and these are on the top of each other. I want to move them along Y in a grid as in X direction.
Zoli (21.6 KB)

Many thanks HS_Kim!