Moving ACAD-imported drawings takes ages within Rhino

So I got an ACAD-drawing full of sections, some dozen, I want to spread them in space correctly for a project.
I uploaded the Rhino-file with just one of these sections extracted, but if you try moving this or rotating or whatever it already takes more than 10 seconds. With more sections within the drawing it takes even longer and rhino seems to be blocked. Not sure what’s going on but I have this problem often with imported data. How can I “clean” this to be able to work faster, I don’t need all the elevation annotations etc , but every section is on its own layer, and I don’t have the time to start cleaning all sections manually, maybe there is something hidden that slows down rhino that much.

you can try copying the section 4-5 times, copying works instantly interestingly, but if you try to move or rotate one of them, it takes even longer now.

Thanks for looking!
test-section.3dm (1.1 MB)

On my PC the section you’ve posted works perfectly with no issue…

What’s your PC configuration?

and a GeForce GTX 680

tried it with Rhino4 now, no problems either! WTF?

Sorry but really I can’t help you because also copying the section 10 times all works fine here…

I uploaded a quick video showing what I am experiencing, also in comparison to Rhino 4 which seems to work normally.
Maybe someone of the staff can have a look at this please!

Thanks a lot!

Works fine here.