Moving a rebuilt planar deg. 1 surface edge - bug

Just stumbled on this.

  1. Make a simple rectangular plane surface
  2. Rebuild it to 5 x 5 points in both directions but keep degree 1
  3. Sub-select one edge, move it with the Gumball some distance
  4. The surface reverts to a plane surface (2 x 2 points)



Tested in V7/8

Thanks, Mitch.
RH-76103 Moving an edge changes UV count
(also tested in v5 and v6 with the same result)

Also, if you move a control point so that the surface is not planar, dragging the edge keeps the 5x5 points but makes them planar again.



Not sure if related, but I noticed that in Rhino 6 UV’s of planar surfaces gets swapped when you move edge of polysurface like this:

Hi Jari -

It’s possibly related but I’ve created a new YT item for this one:
RH-76125 Moving an edge swaps UV directions

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