Movie Making

I have a client who would like a short (10 sec.) video clip made of a kinetic model. In this case not simply something like a set of gears rotating, but of a nylon backpack being unfolded from it’s original stored state.

Can something like this A) Even be done? and B) Be done with Rhino, or with something like SpaceClaim?

Sorry there has been no reply to your post. Did you get this problem resolved?
A) It’s probably not easy, cheap, or fast.
B) Not really. If you don’t mind the parts being stiff limited in their range of motion it could be done with Bongo, perhaps.
C) Don’t know about that.

The problem I see is trying to model soft material in any kind of realistic way. This is pretty advanced stuff.

Can you post a picture or model? I’m sure it’s way too late for your situation.