MoveInDetail command does it exist?

In layout view I have run out of detail panes space and in one of them I need to show an item by moving it aside of the object it resides in, as there is space in that pane to do so…

I dont want to move it in the real world views, just reveal it in detail view and add some dims to it.

Otherwise I am faced with cloning the item and having a detail pane just for that, I have already done this once to overcome some needs. trouble is that clone then appears in existing detail views and needs Hide in Detail .

MoveInDetail would be such a great command :slight_smile:


Two ways:

Double click the detail to activate it, then pan as in a normal view. When you start panning, hold Shift if you want to keep the detail aligned.

Turn on the control points of the detail and move the points to make a different crop.