Moveface preview going in wrong direction

In this picture you can see I’m trying to do a moveface, constrained to normal, but the preview is obviously taking the distance I’ve moved my cursor, and then applying that to the normal direction of the selected faces. But when I left click I get the correct result (the two objects at the bottom, that I “prepared earlier”)

Hi Gavin,

I’m not able to reproduce this here. Can you tell me what version of Rhino you’re running? Help>About Rhino

SR7 - 5.7.31213.18395

You sure you have DirectionConstraint=Normal ? It doesn’t happen with it set to None.

(i’m able to reproduce this and it’s been discussed a while back on this forum… i’ll find the link a little later)

see, to me, the preview is correct and the result you get is incorrect… i mean, if you’re wanting to move multiple faces in a positive direction of their normal, then they should all go in a positive direction of their normal…

for instance, rotate one of your cubes 45º then try the same thing… the preview is showing the (to me) proper results but upon finishing the command, it gets messed up…

if you want the results you’re getting now, you should set constraints to ‘none’ but if it’s set to ‘normal’ then all the faces should move in their respective normal direction (in my opinion)

Hmmm you’re right Jeff.

I was just trying to make a window and the window will a bit narrower, but the wall was on an angle, so I selected one face of the window hole, and one face of the sill, and constrained to normal because that would keep the wall straight. I got the result I wanted, but it doesn’t make sense.

I tried turning those cubes on an angle and you’re right - it makes sense for them to move in the direction of the normal, the amount you ask, especially if you type in the amount!

So I concur with you - the preview is correct, the result is wrong. With the cubes on an angle, one of the faces doesn’t even move in the direction of its normal.

Thanks guys for explaining more. I see this now with multiple selections when running MoveFace>Normal… filed as RH-23643 for future reference.