MoveEdge command takes way too much time

When selecting multiple edges to move, WiP stays unresponsive for about 20-30 sec. Never seen this in v5.

It doesn’t do that here. Can you post a model where this is happening to you?

Hi Piotr - have you tried the same action on the same edges in V5 and the WIP? Can you post an example?


Hi Pascal
It is an observation made while working on several models.
More and more I am suspicious that it has something to do with my hardware and it’s recent update to Win 10. I have already reported extremely long time for Rhino (and other programs to load), up to 5-7 mins.
I have recently reported completely failed Make2D operation in WiP while V5 was just perfect. One might expect to be the opposite.
I am using V5 on Dell Precision workstation (Win 7) - fast, stable and powerful.
WiP is being tested (beside V5) on Alienware M15 (Win 10) - slow an capricious. Fast only for first 30min after rebooting and cleaning the system.
Can the problem be hardware and system related?