Move Zoo -> fastest way?

Hello, we must move our Zoo-Server onto a new VM. I read already some FAQ’s here, but I would like to know, what’s the fastest and best way for a Zoo Server with around 30 Licenses for Rhino 5,6 and 7 ? For example, I have some questions:

1.) Do I need to have the same Servername like before ? If not, what’s the best way to update all clients ?
2.) is it possible to have 2 Zoo Server in the DNS ? So, I can make the Transfer Step by Step ?
3.) How do Rhino 5, 6 and 7 get the Zoo Name ? (Registry and DNS) → Is there any difference between this versions ?
4.) If a client has the Zoo written inside his registry and it isn’t functioning anymore, does is try then to get the IP via DNS ?
5.) I read there is no way to transfer the LIC-Database. Exist any other way to get the new Zoo online, WITHOUT entering all serials from all 30-40 versions ? Because it’s a lot of work being not digital information :-(.

So, theses answers would be Super and any other useful bit of information regarding this topic.

THX a lot

Hi Peter,

Additional Info LAN Zoo License Manager [McNeel Wiki]

Hopefully you won’t have to enter in all the license Keys, depends how you are using Rhino. If these are upgrades 5>6>7 and you are only using 7 then only those will be required if they’ve already been upgraded. If people are using all versions then you will need to enter in the keys.

THX Japhy for your fast response.

Some of these information I was already aware of, because I still have to ask:

Is it possible to have 2 Zoo Server at the same time in the network ?

If a client has the Zoo Name written inside his registry and it isn’t functioning anymore (no Zoo anymore there), does is try then to get a valid Zoo via DNS or comes an error?


Multiple LAN Zoos can be running on a network on separate Host Servers. Note that this is possible but the use scenario is with separate licenses, not the same licenses for redundancy.

The workstations can only be configured to ask a single specific Host Server (either by FQDN or IP), if the server isn’t found it will error out as down.

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THX for clarification Japhy :slight_smile: