Move wall by line

I want the wall to move according to the curved line to produce a result like this:
please help, thanks!

simple approach without scripting or grasshopper is to use cage-Editing

draw initial planar surface
make multiple copies
prepare deformation

turn on cvs and edit the cage until the shape is as you like

_extrudeSrf (bothsides

design the target Surface /overall Shape that limits the rips. use this surface as cutter:

_trim (with the overall-Shape-Surface)

Thank you. I was using cage edit and it produced a result that was similar but not exact, because the entire wall moved according to the curve, but I want only the section where the curved line was, to transform.

Below is the grasshopper, any further help is appreciated:

dear @Jessica5
please post .3dm and .gh files so it is easier and faster to help.
its always a good idea to find a non-grasshopper, manual modelling technique solution before trying to do it with visual programming.
at least for one rip / element.

for cageEdit to work you should use a Boundingbox-Cage.
do not move the backside CVs

did you try this workflow ?