Move Vertical - Click for direction?

This catches me out every time. When I move things around with the Move command, I can type a distance and click for a direction. But when I select the Vertical option, I have to choose the direction (up or down, obviously) by typing a positive or negative number for the distance. It makes sense in a way since there are only two directions to choose from, but I would much prefer to have the same behavior, i.e. click for the direction.


Hi maxz- I think this was done to allow it to be used more easily from the keyboard and without extra click or input. It is the same in Windows & it works similarly for non planar curves (i.e. uses the CPlane for default extrusion direction) I see what you are getting at … but I am not sure how to win here.



Pascal, for me the frustrating bit is that the routine changes when selecting an option. Well, I made my point, maybe others can support me to win you over :wink: