Move UVN with Creased Subd

Looking adjusting subd with move uvn but found a strange quirk with creased edges. Nothing moves when any creased edges vertices / control points are selected. If I uncrease and make the same selection all vertices / control points move as expected.

Is it possible for creased edges / subd to work in the same way as uncreased?

Also is it possible to select control polygon vertices and have these operate in the same way ast control points rather than needing to turn points on for the subd object?

Hi John - a creased SubD would not have a single normal direction at the crease - if you are moving the N slider, I guess that is why nothing happens, if I understand you. What direction would you want, an average of the normals on either side of the crease?


Thanks for the reply Pascal. I think, or at least I expected them to respond in the same way as if they weren’t creased - as in they move in the same direction. Is that the same as an average of the normals either side of the crease?

Hi John- it’s just that at a point along a crease there are two possible normals


not just one as on a smooth bit.

Am I making any sense with what you are asking, or missing the point?

RH-71620 MoveUVN: Average on the crease


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You are absolutely making sense! I think that average is probably what I am looking for. I think that makes sense. If the clip uploads ok here is a quick clip that compares the behaviours. The control polygons are identical so I sort of expect the same behaviour. Hopefully the clip uploads ok!

In terms of needing to select points not vertices - there is a huge advantage with selecting loops using vertices vs control points. Seems a shame not to take advantage of that.