Move to surface at a specific point

Hi everyone.
Is there any way to move a surface or polysurface to a normal vector between a point and solid part? I mean, there will be 2 solids and some point on the one of the solid is selected. Then another solid moves to that solid like normal to selected point’s surface.
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You can do anything on that matter …

… but by “some point” you mean accessing Brep/Mesh vertices (by index) or a point on a face (by index and u/v coordinates)? If ptA is on BrepA and ptB on BrepB yields a vNormal (unitized) then A could move: (ptB-ptA) + (vNormal * amplitude)

Anyway post an indicative test case.

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Try OrientOnSrf

Actually I’m trying to move QR code(surface) to another surface planar or not. And for that purpose I want to choose a point on surface and move QR code surface one of the corner or center will move on that point. I check the Orient but I guess it only allows me to move a plane on same XY plane

I think you’re referring to morphing or projecting, as opposed to just moving? - and yes you may still use ‘orient’ given you specify any found plane to orient to on a surface parameter, for any surface curved or uncurved, but yeah that’s just orienting - component chooses XY by default. Unless you use orient on surface (if you’re orienting).

You could use a method via surface box/box morph to morph the ‘QR code surface’ (or whichever referenced QR geometries) onto the new surface - divide said surface to the minimum amount (1 by 1) to make a target box and throw the reference geometries in there.

If you’re not morphing then you could use project to brep - reposition your QR geometry to be properly aligned to the target surface - directly on top or in front of (and normal to) the new surface you want to map to.
NOTE: alignment doesn’t need to be ‘in front’ or ‘normal’ for project to work - just a suggestion assuming you want all the QR stuff projected to the new surface and mapped perpendicularly.

If none of the above…then maybe you meant mapping the QR image onto the surface. Image sampler?

Anyway enough guesswork for Xmas eve - good luck!

You are looking for the Surface Morph component.

Thanks a lot for your detailed explanation :slight_smile: I can’t use morphing due to I need my QR code mapped perpendicularly and I couldnt do with morphing. Projection method may help with that, I will try your method and update you whether it is working for me or not.
Marry Xmas !

Can surface morph do the perpendicular mapping or smh like that