Move to point issue ? pufferfish

From set of different text i want to move selected
object at the distance of 2.02 mm from end point of the text.
But when i tried to move it actually moves
up to 1.76mm. I wish to have whatever input text i am assigning from the last point of input text
it should move the selected object to accurate point/distance i am giving.



GH file attached : forum (18.9 KB)

I am not sure what you mean, you didnt internalize your data, however the result distance from Move2Point is as expected for me.

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You move from point on the rectangle and measure distance from different points


@Michael_Pryor N @anon39580149

Actually i didn’t conveyed my problem rightly, I hope this image make it clear.

From this text i want to move any single letter at the distance of 2.02 mm. But i need to move it from the end point of given text. I internalized my data even in last time. I don’t know why it is not shown up to you. Thank you both.


@anon39580149 has pointed out the problem, it is where you are measuring from.

Try this:
Using bounding box.

forum (21.7 KB)


It is no different, its just your math is correct and his is not :smiley:

So @ajarindia understands, this is the important part, no matter what bounding thing or moving thing you use.

If you update to 2.7 you will have that X output. In any case you shouldn’t use move to point here as you are just moving in a vector x direction and don’t have a target point.

forum question_re (22.5 KB)


thank you so much @maje90 @Michael_Pryor @anon39580149

sorry I am weak at math :pensive:

It is not a problem, those things are quite easy oversights to make :smiley:


I used v 2.6 and i hoped that Bounding Rectangle have x,y output
i just notice that from your post :smiley:, thank you for the update

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