Move the support on the line

Hi All, I have a question about the supports and their positions.
Karamba need to define the points to impost the supports, but I need to move my support on the line because this depends on the position of the hook.
In one of Karamba example files ( “Projected Voronoi Pattern Gridshell”), I could see a method to move the supports using a “Pull Point” command and “Evaluated Curve” command.
I tried to do the same, but with failure.
Somebody can help me solve this problem??Thanks. (174.0 KB)

Hi @sonia.ruta
if you want to include a movable support in your geometry, you need to either (for beams) split the beams at the point where it lies on the line or (for meshes) include this point in the mesh generation. A useful component is the MeshBreps component in Karamba which allows you to input points to be used in the meshing of surfaces. I am not sure why you are using the find similar member, as this just snaps to the endpoints of your lines at the moment.