Move the points same level as RL

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Good day, is there a way I can move the following points at the same level as the
RL? see image below, cheers.


Like this? (6.5 KB)


Nice, thanks Masaki, two things, I believe the points and the lines drop at 90 degrees, would it be okay to have an option to drop down within a certain angle and with an option which side will it drop (flip face)?


I’m sorry.
I don’t know what exactly you want to do, can you give me the 3dm and gh files?

Hi Masaki,

Sorry if I haven’t clear myself, I would like to achieve the lines showing in color blue and magenta,
wherein the lines are drop in a certain vertical angle and not in 90 degrees and having an option on either on the front face or the back face as per the colors are representing.

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Curve.3dm (44.0 KB) (7.1 KB)

This one is okay, but it will be nice if we can add an input for the vertical angle and to what side it will create the lines, cheers.

Slider in blue group changes the angle, +90 to -90 degrees. (18.8 KB)

I didn’t bother making surfaces from these lines.

What is “RL”? Sure helps to have posted geometry and a clear explanation.

P.S. I added the white group to make a surface. CrvTop is internalized, no need for Rhino file. (21.0 KB)


It was simpler than that. (14.6 KB)

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Hi Joseph,

Thank you very much, those are the things l needed, my apology of not been clear about the RL point, it is supposed to be the lowest and a reference level point wherein we have a case that the other base points are a bit higher and varying in levels and aiming to drop them same level as the RL level point, making sure that all the base points are settled on the same Level or plane in which was resolved by Masaki definition and your definitions resolved my 2 additional queries.

Thank you very much to all of your responses.

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None of this reply makes sense to me? Again, what is “RL”?

@sketzjewel are you the same person as @Joel_Ocampo ?

O yes, it so happened that l have 2 accnts, my work and personal email addresses, in somehow l mixed them up, cheers.

Hi Joseph,
The reference base line (green line) and point 1 (from the first image) are what I named as RL in which I would to achieve by dropping those points and having the same level.

Thank you

Hi Joseph,

Good day, I would like to push this further, the scenario is from point 0 set a distance and add point to the end of the distance and then drop to a certain deep, making the remaining lines to be dropped as per in the image below.


Hi Joseph,

Another scenario, I offset the base line at the back and divide it to number and then drop it down to project a line, but I would like to be the same angle as the surface above as per the image below.

Hi Joseph,

What if we have a preferred plane at the high level,
can used this instead of the default xy plane?