Move seam of a closed surface

The “SrfSeam” command allows seam relocating of a closed surface solely along one axis, how is it possible to rotate it along another axis?

Ellipsoid.3dm (2.9 MB)

that is not possible, you have to rethink the surface.

Couldn’t you just rotate the object 90° after you moved the seam?

@martinsiegrist Nope, the seam stays at the same place. My purpose is actually to change the U and V of the surface

The command “Dir” will let you swap UV and flip U or flip V. This won’t change the seam location though.

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Thank you, it partly relieves my struggle

The U and V parameters of a NURBS surface are a fundamental part of the mathematics used to calculate the shape of the surface. Except for some special cases such as flat surfaces, spheres and ellipsoids it is not possible to change the UV arrangement beyond swapping U and V or rescaling U and V and maintain the exact shape.

@davidcockey Thank you for the clarification. So for these specific shapes as Ellipsoid to choose where should be its seam, I can solely on the construction stage - changing axis order for the radius of the Ellipsoid command

Yes, an ellipsoid can be created with the poles (where isocurves converge) along any of the three axis. Once the ellipsoid is created there is not a simple method to change the construction.

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Three different arrangements for ellipsoids.
ellipsoids.3dm (3.2 MB)