Move points on grid to create trapezoidal grid - MAAT Museum Portugal

I would like to distort a grid to create same-size trapezoidal panels such as like the MAAT museum in Portugal by A_LA architects

I am using the Paneling Tools in Grasshopper but am finding difficult to create the pattern on a double curved surface

The grid points should move along the surface in order to preserve the shape

Here is the base surface and the grasshopper file I am working on
MAAT Surface.3dm (165.6 KB)

MAAT (16.4 KB)

My advise is to implement this pattern on a flat surface first, then move towards a more complex one.
However, the pattern in the image has additional complexity of shifting columns. There is also the question of whether all modules are exactly equal shape tiles. That adds to the complexity when you use curves surface.
I hope this gives you a starting point: