Move plane in front of surface automatically

I am trying to create plane (blue one) that is in front of my red surface.
I did it with _PlaneThroughPt command using red object points.

Is there a way to automatically move blue plane forward or backward to remove overlapping?
Or maybe it could be a better way of creating this blue plane?

You can try the BringtoFront command。

BoundingBox to create a bounding box.
OffsetSrf the bounding box by the desired amount of offset.
Delete the original boundng box.
ExtractSrf the front planar surface from the bounding box.
Delete the remainder of the bounding box.

Your solution works great in my rhino.
On the other hand, if I tried to use it in my phyton script I simply can’t create BoundingBox, which would be aligned to my object instead of world coordinates.

Maybe you know how to align BoundingBox to my object?