Move pattern in Solid

What’s the easiest way to move this D-pattern in this part? Using Rhino 5.
Untitled.3dm (874.0 KB)

Hi Frank - with Ctrl-Shift-Alt keys down, Window select around all of the edges of the D (left to right window). Then Gumball or Move, constraining the move to the X direction.

Any luck?


Perfect Pascal!
I tried Move, but not using Ctrl-Shift-Alt keys. I’ll try to research, but will that key combo help me with other commands?


Hi Frank - Ctrl-Shift down allows you to select sub-objects (e.g. edges or faces in a polysurface) and Alt down forces a Window selection so that your mouse-down on the green polysurface will not select the face you click on like a normal ‘pick’ type selection, it only sets the first point in a window selection. Alt-down always works to force a window selection.