Move objects slowly

Copy and mirror instructions are normal and move and rotate instructions are slow
卡卡.rar (7.7 MB)

Hello - so far, here, everything in your file works as expected for these commands. Can you please update the the 7.17 build of Rhino and test?


Hello,thank you! I tried the new version and it was the same .
Very slow.rar (4.7 MB)

ungroup the curves and use Join. those few curves consist of 4200 separate segments, that can impact performance quite a bit.

Thank you!You are rhight.The result is really fast ,But, I find that, even so many points are also a result .
The problem is that too many items can change slowly

i am not sure i understand, what do you mean by that? are there too many points now in the curves? you can reduce the complexity of the curves with RebuildCrvNonUniform for instance. generally yes more separate objects cause the performance to drop, having so many tiny curves grouped instead of joined to one single curve is not a good idea :slight_smile:

I mean: moving four thousand points is also slow

if you often ping pong such huge amounts of points around use the command PointCloud