Move object until it hits a curve

I have a question about moving an object.

Is there a way I can move the object until it hits the curve?

As you can see in the image the object has to move until the curve horizontally while remaining the same vertical level.

I tired ‘Array along curve’ with ‘Distance between curve’ but the cubes don’t remain the same vertical distance.

So I’m manually moving every single cube but I wonder if there is any way I can do this automatically.

That will save my life.


I guess a general solution might be possible via Grasshopper. In your particular case, I wonder if you could array a series of horizontal lines corresponding to the vertical spacing, intersect those with the curve to create points. Then copy your object to the points (assuming it’s the same object each time). Might go faster. Here is a Python script to copy an object to multiple points just in case… (540 Bytes)

If each object is different, then probably only a scripted/Grasshopper solution will work to automate this.

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What if you extruded the curve you are trying to use as a limit for the extruded shapes, duplicated one of the faces of the shapes (assuming they are all the same) and then used OrientCrvToEdge with the Copy option turned on?

On second thought, I think what you are looking for is the Flow command