Move object so that a curve and not a known point snap to destination

3dm attached.

jpg shows the task, simple…I am moving an object at a constrain angle and wish to have the line ‘A’ snap to the target location arrowed in 3dm and red arrow in jpg.

I am familiar with selecting a location and moving until that exact point snaps to where I need it to go, be that a point or curve or surface.

However, how does one move something and have it snap to a location when one doesnt know exactly where on the line in this example that snap will occur.

Maybe place point at target, then option to pick line to snap to that point. !

I need this object higher up so that its lower part intersects that target but it must relate still to its split lower part, I shall fill the gap with a straight line.

This is just one example of where I am moving something and wish it to snap to somewhere on a curve, not knowing where that point might on the curve where the snap will occur.

Move angle constrain edge to intersect.3dm (37.2 KB)


Try: Move your angled line to the destination point. Move the object from the Int of this angled line and the object itself to the destination point.


I just thought of that :slight_smile:

However that might work in this particular case, but I keep coming across situations where I need a curve to stop at a destination point, this particulat constraint angle not being involved.

A command such as pick curve for snap on curve, pick point to snap to, then make the move.

the other day I needed two circles to come together and snap to their mutual intersection, I couldnt tell where they were going to snap.

needs a command called magnet ! where things snap as soon as two curves touch.



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Thanks for the Level 1 manual link. That looks very interesting and useful.

It will take many hours if not days to find the magnet snap in there, is it that the answer is known to be in there ?

I am looking forward to ploughing through it all and using the exercises after I have completed this job that sees me working 14hrs a day 7 days a week, at a deadline, though no time to stop for a few days and follow through the pdf.

So as such my current job will take longer until I find a way.

I also looked for the handle bar tool and answer to that in there, its not there.


For general cases, use the Near snap.

But you’d be done months ago if you had some actual training.

Fully agree Jim and have hoped to do so.

I have no means of recovering the costs of training, £50/hour plus travel and accomodation, I was receiving £8 hour salary take home pay and now I am out of work and on more like 8 pence an hour and logging even the purchase of a packet of cakes :frowning: whilst trying to get this massive undertaking done. Its confidential and complex and will open doors later. I would love to go to some venue and train but recent events have nuked my expenses and I even find a national organisation is beyond Ombudsman control when declaring they are not and I needed that to put to rights the many wrongs that were done which wiped out my expenses along with my employer carrying out moves that were declared constrcutive dismissal by somebody in the know, I got out leaving the rest there to descend into the depths on what was Titanic ! You can only swim against the tide for so long !

I should be on £30 hr or more for what I am delivering now but that cant happen on this current agreed fee task. Time mopped up with appalling data and illegible plans and processes that should have been done a different way if circumstances allowed.

I also have a PC to rebuild to Win7 which will cost with all the program upgrades required.

I have doubled my knowledge of Rhino and what I look at here on screen today I couldnt have managed a couple of yrs ago. commands like divide, ctrl hover over osnaps, blend, curvatureGraph to name a few have transformed workflow and I am itching to work through the pdf’s. I enjoy watching videos, picture speaks a thousand words. Rhino is the prog I keep telling people for intuitive learning and great support and thank you one and all for helping us all and bearing with us on dumb questions, Jing capture is also the best thing since sliced bread, hope it gets used more.

Near snap I use a massive amount, but can it be applied to an object such that when one object, say a circle touches another, they snap, like magnets, in situations where it is not possible to know where on one or both the snap will occur ?


We offer online classes.

I went through the Level I and II manuals and files on my own and learned a lot.

As per Rhino 5 it’s still up to the user to bring intelligence into the design :). If it is impossible to know then rhino won’t known either. It should be possible though to create help geometry to find a collision between two objects. Best to send a specific example for people to look at.