Move multiple groups to closest point

Hi, first thanks to all the help I have found on this forum.
I have looked but I cant seem to find a clear solution to my issue.
I am trying to move multiple groups of circles (seen in picture) from their respective centroid to another nearby. (the centre of the green rectangle differs from the centre of the circles bounding box)
my gh code starts off strong, bounding box/area/pt. but I can t seem to nail down the move part. it either moves way off target or leaves some circles behind or stacks the circles all in one place
I have attached where I am up to after 4 hours and mutiple deletions/attempts - I am sure you will all think its ugly but I’m still learning…right?brick circle (32.5 KB)

It seems that you forgot to internalise you geometries.

OK, I can understand that…how do I do that - plug in?

OK found it - working on it.

nope - still lost.

Simply right-click on the component input that you want to internalise and select Internalise data. What this does, is basically save your Rhino geometry inside the Grasshopper file.

Hi, thx, worked that out (eventually) how early in the code should I do this after the merge (of circles and points) or right at the start?

You internalize your data so that others on this forum can help you, without demanding from them to recreate something from scratch.
In order to have people help you, it is best to post the simplest-possible definition - only including the problem where you are getting stuck. You can delete parts of your definition before that point by internalizing at the point where things still work as you expect them to work.
Hope that clarifies.

right got it. will do.

I am at a dead end and lost - can I get some hints to get in the right direction again.
simply put, I have circles (in rhino groups) I need to get them to be centred in the boxes identified at centre points 1,2,3.
My current “move” component send the points way off when it should only be moving 8mm or so and I cant understand why… but I know the computer is right - and i’m thick…

I know its a centre point creation of the circles using bounding box, then find centres, then move to closest point. I just can’t close the deal…been all over the forums, looked at videos, internalized friggin everything (!) …tried a bunch of things, 4 hours later still lost. any tips appreciated.
I think I’m close, but I’m probably not.!

The internalizing is for when you post GH files we don’t need the associated Rhino file. I’ve got a deadline tomorrow but if you can describe your entire process and file I think i can help.

Don’t panic, I worked it out. jagged it.
last question, why would the centre point be ‘out’ by 0.5mm?
I can live with it, just curious…


ps, thx for the describing the interalize function… got that now.

are you generating the perforations from images on the overall wall? If the bricks are a typical size i would take another route in that case.

Like i said, a bit busy today but if you the post files and describe your workflow i can probably save you a ton of time. (always easier and more fun to solve others issues than work :wink:

hi, sadly no, the circle geometry is created by another program and the bricks are not truly typical either, but there is an average, so I’m working to that.
I am almost done now - machined over 4000 holes already so Im in the last parts of the CAD now I solved this pesky part.

thanks for the offer tho.