Move Meshes to Cplane (Lowest Point on Mesh) with Python

Before i spend the afternoon writing a python code that’s been done. Has anyone had any luck writing a a code to select meshes (Buildings in this case) and projected them to the Cplane using there lowest point. Almost like a SetPt but to move the geometry unchanged to (x,y,0) As its a city context doing this manually is not really an option.
One idea was to use a Boundary Box around the mesh to reduce the number of points to check, but thinking there is a quicker way to do this and i am trying to find out how to evaluate a box/ get lowest point in python like in GH but not found it yet.

Hi Matt,

_Align Bottom should do the trick.

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Nice, Though there must be something simple i had overlooked. Worked Perfectly.

Yep, like this one… (3.4 KB)

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