Move hole problem

movehole problem.3dm (104.7 KB)

When I try movehole with ortho on the hole moves parallel to the stair stringer angle rather than the x or y axis.
is this how the command should work. If I use move face it moves aligned to the x or y axis

Hmm - I don’t know what the constraint is there - it looks like it could be to the UV of a surface in the object in your example, possibly but I tested others and found it not to correspond to any UV that I can see… @rajaa, what is the constraint with Ortho in this case? I probably tested it at some point but it is not clear to me any more…


Ortho does constrain to the UV direction I think. Can you post the example when it does not?

My Ortho is set to snap every 90 degrees. If I change it to 30 degrees I can move the hole at 30 degree intervals but it still aligns to the channel angle. If I rotate the channel movehole aligns to the new channel position.