Move face surface problem? (solved)


First I made ​​a rail and cross section curve, then sweep 1, then cap.
When I moved the face the surface isocurves change, second time even more. Is this solvable?
Sample image:

Sample file:Move face surface problem.3dm(218.3 KB)


I would not use MoveFace in this case. You are better off either using subobject selection to get the face and then move it by dragging or Gumball; or, even better, create the object with History on, then modify the input curve length via point editing, the pipe will follow.

Edit: sorry, I re-read your post, you used Sweep1 plus Cap and not Pipe, after the the Cap operation history will be broken, so method #2 will not work in that case. It will work if you use Pipe.



Thanks Helvetosaur,
Pipe command with Record History and curve endpoint movement, solves the problem.

(Brian James) #4

I’m glad that the pipe method works in this case here. Just to add a bit to what the Helvetosaur mentioned…

If you do this as a new extrusion you won’t rebuild the surface structure. So the workflow would be to Ctrl+Shift click the face>release the Ctrl+Shift keys>Start to translate the face using the gumball in Y>type 280 and press enter while still dragging the face with the gumball>Hold down the Ctrl key and finally release the left mouse button.