Move elements based on Daylight Results


I’m trying to figure out a GH logic for the following: moving a series of elements (furniture) across a grid, and determining their location based on the grid’s value (it’s a daylighting simulation). The elements should not stack, and preferably distribute themselves randomly within the confines of a series of rules.

For example element A should be spread across the highest values of the result (a lot of natural light), B should be somewhere in the middle, and C should be around the bottom (the dim areas of the room).

The daylighting simulation part is figured out, but since this is a series of repetitive runs (to figure out an ideal result), we want to be able to show all options with the furniture placed automatically.

Is this possible?

My guess is that I can filter the test mesh results and give me a branched tree of points (based on their data value) and the script would scatter the geometry based on these “fields”.