Move Edge is not working here

I have two simple volumes, based on a rectangle.
First one had all corners filleted, the other one trimmed and closed with Blend Curves with tangency.

In both cases, I can’t stretch this object. When I use Move Edge and select half of the object it’s either doesn’t stretch or moves itself by the stretched distance.

Try CTRL+Shift clicking the edges you want to move and specify the distance by clicking the gumball arrow.

It doesn’t work this way.
Also if you slit this volume, move away and create fill it won’t merge faces.

Hi Piotr - I guess I need to see what you’ve got - which edges you are moving - as far as I can see this all works here.


Is your object created with extrusions? I have this switched off.
I have attached the two volumes. It doesn’t work for an open volume too and I can repeat it every time.
no ME.3dm (217.3 KB)
Move Edges only works vertically.

Hi Piotr - DivideAlongCreases > SplitAtTangents = Yes will help. Here, extruding your curves does not get me a single surface all the way around like yours.


I need it working for Grasshopper.
If it was Rhino only, I would adjust the curve and then form a volume.
Actually, my problem was ‘no face merging after splitting the volume and creating the fill’. See image 2.
I started investigating and got to the basic of this thread.

Hej Piotr -

I’m not sure which image this is referring to.
As for Grasshopper, to get around the creasesplitting issue, you could probably, in Grasshopper, explode the curve, extrude the segments, and then join the surfaces.

The curve has nothing to do with it:

  1. Create this kind of object first: it’s a filleted and extruded square, dimensions unimportant
  2. Split it and cap the volumes:
  3. Extrudes the central surface to create the fill
  4. Join them and run MergeAllFaces:

    Not all faces are merged even being coplanar, and this is an issue I am having.
    No MoveEdge is only side effect of it.
    My units settings are very tolerant to errors :slight_smile:

Worked fine for me I think? I used “Boolean Union” and then “MergeAllCoplanarFaces”.

Hello- the faces not merged are not coplanar, in fact not planar at all, since they wrap around the corner - that is why DivideAlongCreases helps.


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Hi Martin
It’s very interesting. I can’t explain it but your result is exactly what I expected (or wanted).
I assume you can move selected edges thus deform this volume.