Move doesnt work as expected

I am trying to move a collection of rectangles to a collection of points. The original rectangles are set to planes that are set 45 degrees inward on the corners of another rectangle. I am trying to move the rectangles to the corners of another rectangle that is projected downwards en offset a bit out. But when I try to move the 4 rectangles I get a large collection of rectangles and none are in the same orientation and the correct place. The z axis move is correct but all other move are wrong. I would like some help. It shouldnt be a hard problem right? (18.4 KB)

Please post the Rhino and the GH file, or at least the GH file with your geometry internalized.

I am sorry, forgot that one, I added it.

Ok so I was flattening it in the wrong place. So the location of the move is correct now, but the orientation is not.

Still not solved it… Can I do something so you can help me better?