Move doesn´t work


I create a GridSurfaceDomainNumber ball. I can´t move and I can´t delete the select part. Does anybody knows a solution?


Hi ede,

have you tried shrinking the sphere surface using the command _ShrinkTrimmedSrf ? This should delete the control points judging from your image.



Hi Clement,

thousand thaks for your answer, now it works!
I´m a beginner in rhino and very happy to continue my work now!



no problem, this is the place to ask :blush:

good luck !


Thanks! :smile:

(Margaret Becker) #6

Sorry to be confused, but what command did you use to create this? There is no GridSurfaceDomainNumber in Rhino. Is this Grasshopper?


Paneling tools, I think…



Hi Magaret,

Mitch is right, I used a panel tool, it´s called “ptGridSurfaceDomainNumber” in my version.