Move/Copy Layout not copying all objects in a layout to new copy

When I go to make a new layout and i use an existing layout to make a copy from, the newly created layout should have all of the objects (locked and unlocked) as the layout that it was copied from, but recently it has been missing objects. Whats going on with this? I was also having some intermittent issues in Rh5 doing the same thing.

R5 still has this issue as well, so it’s not a regression bug. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Can you post a simple 3dm file that shows this behavior?

I dont have a simple 3dm file that will reproduce the problem every time. It is a random bug with no explanation of why it wont copy the objects. After realizing the objects didnt copy, i can delete the newly created layout, try again and sometimes all objects copy as desired, or sometimes more objects copy but not all of them, so i repeat again until it works properly. Its random but it still is frustrating and shouldnt perform that way.

I agree but unless we can reproduce an issue, we won’t be able to fix it. Please let us know if you see a pattern in this behavior.

It’s very hard to reproduce. As if you’re copying the same layout second time - everything works fine.