Move command slower in V6



Hi Pascal,
Thank you million times! It helped. So it is related to the plugin. Is this issue already recorded as a performance bug? And is there any chance for fixing it in forseeable time? Thanks


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@fsalla - can you help at all here?




Hi Petr, we haven’t heard from such a similar behavior before related to Lands or VisualARQ. Is this happening with any document or just with a specific one. In the second case, can you send it to so we can check it out?
Which versions of VisualARQ and Lands are you running?
Do you have any Section or Level Cut plane activated? (if you had a big amount of geometry and a section enabled, it might explain the slow performance, in comparision to the performance when no sections are enabled).


Hi Francesc. Well, in my case, I am experiencing this issue in bigger 2D drawing file. The larger the file is, the worse and more laggy are the commands move, copy, mirror, gumball etc. I was very surprised, that my new worsktation doesn’t handle such a file. But after disabling the VA, Lands and Tibidabo, it works much better and the difference is really visible! I am running the most recent versions of both VA and Lands (VA 2.3.6. and Lands WIP 6).I am not currently working in VA template, so I do not use any of VA commands and neither Section nor Level cut are activated. Plugins are just loaded to rhino, but I am not working with them within this project. I can send you the model in the evening, I am AFK at this time.

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Francesc, I have just sent the file to the email address

Thank you!


Hi Petr,
I’ve got your file, thanks. I have VisualARQ 2.3.7 and Lands Beta VII and it works fast and nice for orbiting, moving objects, etc…
Try this:

  1. Uninstall VisualARQ and Lands from your PC
  2. Download VisualARQ 2.3.7 and install it.
  3. Download Lands Beta VII and install it (we released a new built this week)

Let me know if the slow performance persists.


Hi Francesc, ok I’ll give it a try. I just wonder, @pascal, how did you know that these plugins could cause the performance problem? Do you have any experience with it? Or was it reported in past?


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Hi Petr - it’s a reflex - if things go wrong in Rhino, blame a plug-in! Actually, of course we look for Rhino issues, but mainly it is pretty easy, to eliminate a plug-in as culprit by disabling it so that is often a thing to try early on when troubleshooting and occasionally it turns out to be just that.



so I installed VA 2.3.7. in the RH 6.12. The performance seems slightly better to me. But there is still visible difference. I tried to hit testmaxspeed command with VA enabled / disabled. The result is:

2 sec with VA disabled
5,3 sec with VA loaded