Move Clipping Plane Along Curve without replacing it [Rhino Common] Python

Continuing the discussion from Move By Curve Normal:

Hi Everyone,

If I move the clipping plane with a gumball it changes the view in realtime.

Is it possible to script this so the Clipping Plane would move along the tangent of a selected curve in realtime.

I have worked with Clipping planes in Python before but each time I wanted a new one I need find the last from the sticky and delete it. Not the best workflow it seems for trying to define where a clipping plane should be on a curve in realtime.

I am thinking I can use the logic used to find a radius for the user to be able to move the Clipping plane along the curve in real-time and when clicked it either moves the selected clipping plane or if requested makes a new one.

Hope this makes some sense.


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