Move bounding box through a trimmed surface

Hello everyone,

I am trying to slide this numbers (as bounding box) inside the trimmed sufaces. What I want to achieve is the letters to behave as what i drawed in green.

But maybe separate the numbers from letters is not possible.

I tryied to move the points to the center but It changes position between the pieces, numbering it incorrectly.

Anyone know how could I achieve this? Or even if it is possible?

qstcorrect location (58.9 KB)


Maybe with a space in the concat… Otherwise cut the text with a move to the right and a move to the left of the center???

I can separate the numbers and letters, and move them… but how i could constrain this move to the boundaries of the texts current surface?

Hi Leonardo,
there are a few issues with your def, first is, that your geometry is very small, 0.050265 To 1.4734 units. Thus opennest produces overlapping results. You can solve it as described in the, wich came with the opennest installation, I think.

This is also an excellent opennest-explanation:

But I would recommend to scale them lets say by 1000 (from meters to millimeters).

Regarding your question about fitting the text onto the shapes: since the holes are all at the same xy-position you could simply arrange them “by hand” in top view near the center, starting from the smallest

RE_qstcorrect location (56.6 KB)
Hopefully I didn’t destroy your ideas, I created a new def with most important only.
Kind regards

maybe a solution would be to cut the surface in 2 and use the centroid of each surface, centroid 1 for the number and centroid 2 for the letter…