Move animated objects


I am pretty new to GH. I have managed to animate a representation of a retractable landing gear for a model airplane, with variable rotation axis and animation of the retract sequence by means of sliders. So far I have used the world origin as the pivot point, on a separate Rhino file. Can someone give me some tips on how to import the lot into an existing airplane model file, at a dedicated pivot point?


I solved it by replacing my ordinary rotation to 3D rotation, so I can specify the rotation as a pivot point and a rotation vector. Now I can specify the pivot point at the required spot, and by referencing some breps I can animate the retraction sequence.

Btw, the instructions for providing backup information to a post here call for “Internalizing” objects into the GH file. What is it and how is it done?


You rightclick on a “parameter” (those connecting to the Rhino object) and select “Internalize”, then that object will be embedded in the GH document and so you don’t need to provide the Rhino document when posting a GH definition here.

// Rolf

Thanks Rolf, I see it now. It seems you cannot internalise Lines (greyed out), but otoh it looks like it is not necessary, once the GH object is referenced to a line in Rhino, ik keeps that definition, even when you delete the original line.

This is how I solved it now. It represents a 90 degree landing gear retraction unit, what I wanted to work out is how the same position of the wheel/leg combination in extended position ends up when retracted if I rotate the retract mechanism around the X, Y and Z axis’.

Retract (15.2 KB)


You can use a Curve parameter (Crv) instead. Curves can be internalized. (and later convert back to Line, if need be). bild

// Rolf

I replaced all Lines with Curves, thanks again Rolf. As a sideline, I found that it was better NOT to internalise objects into GH, that way I can move them around in the corresponding Rhino model and animate them in the correct position, which was the original objective anyway.

Another question, as you can see I want to rotate several objects separately around the X, Y and Z axis’, and use them independently for different purposes. Right now, I am transforming each through a set of 3D-rotations, but I am wondering if there is a more elegant/efficient way of doing this, combining the transformations into one and then applying it to various geometries.

I would appreciate any tips, but bear with me, I am just starting this Grasshopper adventure.

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