Move and Rotate World Coordinate System Request

Request for V8: A single command which moves and rotate the World Coordinate System.

The functionality could be similar to ExportWithOrigin but working on the entier model, not just the content selected by the user.


Resolve problems with geometry being far from the world origin allowing moving the world origin clse to the model

Relocate world coordinate system if needs change duing development of the model.

Concept discussed in a previous thread. Sacrilegious question - move the world origin/coordinate system?

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Not sure I understand the whole issue. What’s the difference between what you are requesting and:
-Select All
-move by a specified distance in x,y,z? Or maybe you only need to move along one dimension?

This. The idea is to move everything in the entire file, not just what can be currently selected - like you can currently change file units via DocProperties. Everything including what’s locked, hidden, on off/locked layers etc. And people have requested that this also apply to named views, layouts, etc.


Pascal has entered this request:

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