Move and Extrude face to a boundary


I do not know whether it’s just me, but many times I was very confused about this buttons.
Move face to a boundary apparently not working (already under options of MoveFace command),
and extrude face to a boundary, working, but also already under options of ExtrudeFace (ExtrudeSrf
(thanks Mitch) command. I removed them myself from Solid editing tab, but for new users this is very confusing situation with many similar buttons in this case doing the same thing.


MoveFace>ToBoundary has not worked for me either, however ExtrudeSrf (there is no ExtrudeFace command) ToBoundary does seem to work as long as there is a proper solution…


(Rajaa Issa) #3

Looks like a bug. I’ll look into it.


Not sure if I’m answering anything but here is how I use them.

First icon is MOVE FACE and its used to move the face of a closed/cap polysurface. This will effect the faces that are directly adjacent to the selected faces to be moved.

Second icon is MOVE FACE TO BOUNDARY and I honestly don’t use that one.

Third icon is EXTRUDE FACE and is used to build upon an existing surface. This will NOT effect the faces that are directly adjacent to the selected faces.

Fourth icon is EXTRUDE FACE TO BOUNDARY and I don’t use that one sorry.