Move an edge of a surface


Sorry if the question has always been posted here but i don’t find the solution.

I want to do an easy thing that it is to move an edge of a surface without deforming the surface “smoothly”
First i select my edge with Ctrl+Shift+click, then i move the gumball to move my edge > it deforms my object :

How can i move an edge in order to obtain a rotation 3d of all my object. I don’t understand why when i move an edge all the object is deform smoothly,

Thanks to all

when you subselect an edge and move it, the surrounding surfaces get rebuild into trimmed patches. if you want to deform a surface in this manner keeping non trimmed properties, then you can either deform the input curves then surface them again, or you use CageEdit or Bend. or you simply turn on the control points of the surface and tweak those. subselect editing is really not for quality modeling.

Apart from what was already said, if you need to rotate the entire object, just select the object.

Thanks for the answers, if i understand the best way is to have the good curve before making the surface (the cage command seems to be long for a simple step).

When i wanted to change the control points of my surface i realize that i can’t move the points of my edge and the “untrim” command gives me the rectangle surface based of my points

Thanks for the reactivity, it’s a very helpful forum

in that case dup the edges of that trimmed surface and use EdgeSrf. that will rebuild the surface into a non trimmed surface which then lets you use control points to edit it accordingly. you can also use Sweep2 if you need a certain surface continuity. you can also use MatchSrf after EdgeSrf to bend the surface towards another surface or edge.

as you see there are many methods for many cases, best would be to explain as detailed as possible what your intentions are.

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Thanks for your help, all yours tips are good to keep in mind !
I will certainly use edgesurf for my use :slight_smile: