Move along an Axis, referencing another object is not possible?

Dear collegues rhino-riders,
I would like to move some selected curves along the X-axis, perpendicular to a referenced line that is parrallel with the Y-axis.

So, at some place in space, above, there is this ‘Y-line’ and on the other side of the screen you have some curves at the bottom. Now I’d like to:

  • select the curves (or other objects)
  • point out a reference point (say the midpoint of some curve)
  • hold some axis-move shortcut (or just have ORTHO on)
  • and select perpendicular osnap to the Y-line
    The selected objects should now be moved to a place somewhere below this Y-line. With the reference point strait below this Y-line.

Nothing new or exiting reported here, right? Were it not that this is not possible in Rhino. The OSNAPs overrule all axis-bound movements. So in our case above, the selected objects will be move to the Y-line itself. With the reference point ON the Y-line.

Any suggestions would be very welcome.
Cheers guys

I think what you want to do is use SmartTrack. Start the Move command, select the objects, pick the “from point”, hover over the endpoint of the Y line to get a smart track point, then move down until “perpendicular” shows up in the smart track indication and click to place. The tooltips aren’t very visible in the video, sorry… It’s also possible to do with snap-dragging.


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Thank you for the reply and the video, Mitch.
I activated the SmartTrack, as you suggested. Didn’t know of the existance, beeing a Rhino newbie. Cheers for that!

Having too much lines falling together on the orthogonal views, I prefer working in the perspective view. Unfortunately,the SmartTracking doesn’t seem to work for me here.


I think it would be fine if we could use the Gumball for that.
Maybe writing, say, ‘pp’ in the edit box and then picking two points …
or just picking the points instead of keying in the distance.
… just a thought …

Indeed Emilio, that would be an approach.

In the meanwhile I tried several ways to achieve this basic movement of objects.
Without the aid of construction lines, it isn’t possible.

I read some comments on similar topics. Many refering to using the ortho views. Not an option in many cases because of coincident lines. So you wouldn’t be able to select the right one to refer to. Even in the ortho views, the objects aren’t bound to parallel movement when a wrong reference line is selected.

Rhino-guys, where is the intuitive use here?
Check out sketchup in this regard!

Hi Bart- if I understand you, this seems to me to be another job for Tab direction lock.

  • select the curves (or other objects)
  • Start Move, or even just dragging should work
  • point out a reference point (say the midpoint of some curve)
  • Start moving in the direction you like- say Ortho or whatever.
    -Tap the Tab key - this will lock the direction. (Tab again will release it- it is a toggle)
  • use Near or some other snap to hit the Y line…

I made [this clip][1] for Brenda, who had, I think, a similar question - when you see the white tracking line appear is when I’ve hit the Tab key to lock the direction.

Any luck?



Spot on, Pascal :slight_smile:

TAB = direction lock, whatever directing you initialy choose
and (as a reminder…)
SHIFT gives you temporarily the ORTHO direction
ALT will enable the OSNAP (if you ‘Disabled’ it earlier)

Thank you for the assistance

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omg. this is amazing. thank you very much Pascal.