Move a row of control points an exact distance


How can I move a row of control points an exact distance?

Thank you.

You can use Gumball or Move command on control points. To select a whole row you can use SelU, SelV, SelUV… Is this what you need?

That’s fine, mikolaj, but what I want to know is where I can specify the exact distance I want to move whatever I want to move.

Move command: after selecting your control points, at ‘Point to move from’ pick any point then at ‘Point to move to’ enter your distance in command prompt and hit enter. Your distance is locked and now you can choose direction.
(Actually you can do this with just dragging an object and entering a value while still holding it.)

Gumball: click on any arrow (do not drag) to get a small window where you can enter your distance along arrow direction.

Thank you (with a big delay)