Move a face

In the drawing there are two objects; I want to move one face of 5 cm, without the rest of the objects being deformed, I want to stretch only the edges directly connected to the face, but I can not find a command to do this in one easy step.
To the top object I did it this way: I exploded solid, I activated the control points of the faces to stretch, I selected endpoints, I moved them to 5 cm, I disabled the control points, I joined surfaces . A long and tedious method.
Do you have any suggestions?
Thank you.
sposta faccia.3dm (305.6 KB)

I tried to move the face with the cage and it works, because it acts only on the area bounded by the cage; it would be very comfortable if in the Move Face command there was an option to define the zone of deformation.

  1. Turn the Gumball on.
  2. Hold down shift+⌘
  3. Click the face you want to move.
  4. The face will turn yellow and light up the Gumball. Click on the arrow in the direction you want move the face and type in the displacement. Alternatively you can just drag using the Gumball. Object snaps don’t light up when you initiate a drag but they do seem to work if you’re close to one at the start. Ending Object snaps do light up.

Shift+⌘ clicking multiple surfaces works as well. VERY powerful edit tool.


Ciao Giuseppe.
I post a video and integration as a contribution to what he wrote @the_wisco_kid.
Using the online help in Italian, you can easily increase the learning curve of Rhino, quickly solving small doubts.
This allows you to quickly find a solution, if in the forum the answer may be late.
Of course this does not rule out the availability of the users and developers of this forum.
A greeting.

guida in linea .mp4 (8.9 MB)

Thanks Zsimon,
of course I often use online help, even if sometimes I’m so focused on the project and I read hastily and with little patience. About one thing I meant to ask at the first opportunity: the font size of the help are adjustable? As you can see they are too big and I must continuously scroll to read comfortably.
Thanks anyway for your kind help.
aiuto in linea.pdf (91.0 KB)

Thanks wisco_kid,
I followed your instructions, but the result is the same as the command “MoveFace”, namely the displacement is extended to the whole object; I would like to move the face and stretch only four edges connected; this seems possible only with the cage.
Have I misunderstood?
Thank you for your kind help.

Use the Help menu> Help command and opens a window that you can resize at will. You can also move it to one side until it almost disappears in order to use it only when you need them …

Works fine here.

A chance
estrusione.mp4 (1.9 MB)