Mousewheel in-/outside Selection Window

^ see the above selection with the mousewheel when a “Selection Window” is shown. I can scroll the mousewheel both inside and outside of the window, and it will always work. On fresh Rhino7 installs now, this is no longer possible. The cursor must be inside the respective window, or the command line. This means a big frustration to my workflow, and I’ve looked everywhere in options and this forum to find any hints as of how to allow mousewheel regardless of mouse position.

Much hoping someone might be able to help.

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Hi Duncan - I see that that is true - my workflow never, I guess, used that scrolling in the same way as yours so I have no idea if or when this might have changed - I’ll check some older builds.


Thank you so much Pascal for helping, much appreciated.

I checked in V6 and V5 here, neither of them scroll when the cursor is outside the selection box.

I don’t see it so far either - Windows 11, here.


Checked on both Windows 10 and 11 here.

Wow it doesn’t for you? What could it be related to if not Rhino version? I’ve been using this for many many years on different systems.

The best use imo is when you slightly mistype a command with your left hand, but Rhino already suggests the correct one below the command line, and your right hand (cursor already near the object you want to use the command on) can just mousewheel to the corrected command, and you select it with the spacebar.

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@pascal @Helvetosaur Can I ping you to bring attention back to this?

Our system admin rolled out Rh7 updates today, and I’m now on Version 7 SR35 (7.35.23346.11001, 2023-12-12).

Sadly it’s still not working.

I see above that I missed to check the version where the scrolling does work. I shall do that when I have access to that computer again and report.

Hi Duncan - I think it’s this setting in Windows:

Turn that off.

Omg Pascal, that was it. What a lifesaver insight :pray:

Topic could be closed if wanted.