Mouse Right Click "confirm" when Selecting Curves during Command

as I used to do on Rhino for Mac, I was wondering how I can get this functionality on a mac…

If I am in side a command… lets say Extrude and I am selecting curves… and rhino gives me the list of which curve I want so select (when there are many curves close by) … I could usually select a cuve of that list and confirm with a right mouse click (instead of enter). now it just repeates the last commend and I am taken out of the command all togheter…

Anyone an idea how to fix this?

Thanks, Flo


you can enable the context menu under rhino preferences/mouse/right mouse button, this will also stop the last commands from repeating. but confirming with the right mouse button will not work in any way. there are a few particularities which do not yet work in rhino for mac.

Thank you. Hoping the feature will be included soon, since I want to keep the “repeat last command” on right mouse click working.

Is there anything like an official mcneel feature request?

there is a list with all the missing commands. the mouse particularities are not listed there but i hope that these will get sorted along with the selection filter which is targeted at R6.

also here a youtrack list of all the open bugs and requests.