Mouse jumping in layer panel

I am also on FCU (Win 10 1709)

I just built a 1709 Virtual Machine (with all updates) for testing this morning.

Both the Layer panel in V6 Rhino and REGEDIT “pan” to the side of the panel and pan the other way when my pointer touches the edge like before, but the pointer does not jump out of the panel to the bottom of the screen like your is doing.

I see this happening here with FCU Win10 1709 (didn’t know we can window select layers)

On the attached, with scroll at left and window selection starting as shown,

The scroll bar dives to the right and all layers are selected as soon as the mouse movement begins. Also the mouse pointer disappears onto a different monitor.

Please describe your system:
Display adapter

Just noticed it happens in V5 too, maybe it is intended, but only works when layer panel is fully open widthwise.

Dell T5600 desktop, 2x K2000 Quadro, logitech WiFi Mouse MX

OK. I can now repeat this in V6 and V5.
I could not repeat it this morning.

Run Check for Updates, look at your Update History is see if KB4054517 was installed.
My problems started after that was installed and Windows was restarted.

Yes, I have this update

This morning I did not have this problem.
After installing that update and rebooting, I have the problem.

I just had a little chat with the developer and he’s convinced it’s is a bug in Windows related to controlling the mouse pointer.

It’s probably something we will have to work-around until such time the Microsoft fixes it.

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