Mouse icons larger than V5


I just noticed the panning hand icon and rotation icon are larger than in V5.
For me they are better smaller than larger, the larger they are the more they distract from the model.


Did you scale your display so Rhino looks better (on a high dpi display)?

Hi Dale,

No I did not scale anything a plain laptop monitor at 1920 x 1080




Yeah, I noticed this was a bit bigger too and I am running at 200% scale. @scottd can you shrink these down a little bit?

Is this from the Windows’ ‘use the next highest size’ rule, maybe? I guess that would look inconsistent in some cases.


No. When we did some cursor tuneup, we just make the ‘hand’ a little too big…

While at it; You might want to check the other icons as well; I found the rotation icons also standing out more that I was used to. As with the magnifying glass that has shades of grey added to it.

Overall in my opinion they should be less intrusive by adjusting scale and maybe get the old magnifier back?


The hand when rotating in 5 deg increments displays what looks like an S rather than a 5


There is an ongoing debate here whether or not it is supposed to be an S and not a 5, being that it is a “Snap” cursor and that 5 degrees is just a coincidence. We’ll let you know what is concluded. :wink:

In that case; why not make the icon as ambiguous as possible :slight_smile:


Those cursors were changed because they looked pixelated when using higher DPI scaling levels on 4K monitors. RH-32453

When DPI scaling level is at 100% on a 4K monitor, you might have a different feeling about the size of current hand cursor. Not sure if it’s possible to add multiple cursor sets with different sizes to Rhino WIP and let user select the one that they feel appropriate.

I added a wish.
RH-33449 Add multiple cursor sets with different sizes?

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