Mouse click ignored on GHcanvas after System.*.Process.Start

After calling e.g.


in a GH component (custom or in VB script component), the mouse buttons are blocked/ignored on the GH canvas only:

Post state:

  • browser has been started with url (by windows association)
  • mouse left/right buttons clicks on canvas => ignored
  • mouse scroll wheel on canvas => responsive zoom
  • everything else outside GH canvas (e.g. ribbon, save button etc.) => responsive

Already tried:

  • close browser tab => mouse clicks still unresponsive
  • close browser => mouse clicks still unresponsive
  • edge browser as default browser (orig. FF) => mouse clicks still unresponsive

However, problem does not occur with:


Any one?

Found a workaround for the time being by defining explicitly the execution program like e.g. firefox.exe:

System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(“Firefox.exe”, “”)

However, this doesn’t launch your default browser. Maybe using command line console as the program does the trick, but I haven’t tried that.

So it seems that Grasshopper somehow doesn’t like a process that executes by “file association”.



System.Diagnostics.Process.Start("explorer.exe", "");

didn’t try it though…just a shot in the dark