Motor Control Curves-Export Help Needed

I need to draw simple motor control curves. The X axis is time and the Y axis is Speed. This is very easy to draw, however can cannot find a way to export the coordinates. I have a sample file and I would like to upload it.

The coordinates should look like ( y1, y2, y3,…) As the x will step +1 for each data point.

Does this do what you need?..

  • Use InterpCrv to draw the curves
  • Then use EditPtOn to see the points
  • Select the points in the view and run ExtractPT
  • With just the extracted points selected (SelPt) run the What command
  • The coordinates of each point are listed in the What dialog, click Save to save a text file.

It works in Theory, but there are two issues. One for a timecode the points have to be an equal x distance apart and these points ended up somewhat random on the X axis.

Secondly was the resolution, and that was far to coarse. I need 64 or 128 Points.

Can I email you a couple of files?


Hi Andrew- I’d say you’ll be better off writing a script or possibly using Grasshopper for this.


Maybe the Divide command will help here, draw a straight line at the length you need and then divide by the number of points needed.

Is this based on the way you drew your points? Maybe Divide is the way to go here too if you already have the curves.

You can post here but I’m not sure I fully get what you’re up to. A script will be possible on Rhino for Mac but Grasshopper is not there at this time. @Pascal is a functioning scriptologist and may be able to assist there.

Oh, yeah - sorry, I missed the Mac category here- it would need to be a Python script then. Here is a quick and dirty try- does that make the points you want? (808 Bytes)

More Python info here:


I really need help with this and am happy to pay someone. @Pascal_G How can I email you the example file.
Thank you everyone for assistance. This will be a very useful project for all people wanting to control motors visually.

Hi Carson - you can send a private message. Click on my little robot icon and click 'Message"


Thanks for your help I now have the points I want and want to export only the Y values separated by commas. since I might have many hundreds of points or even thousands it is helpful to automate this.

I used the What command to get more info then I needed.

I have enclosed an example of the text file. We are getting very close to solving this.

Just a quick note that I downloaded atom, set it up and ran the points every x script. It works perfectly. Thank you. Now all we need to do is export hopefully just a string of y values. Better yet as integers. Is there a command available in RhinoScript more precise then “what” or is this a question of parsing the values. Here is point x=2 and Point x=3.

point ID: 946c30b8-02a2-4d28-9e06-d63975bd8936 (1263614) Layer name: Default Render Material:
source = from layer
index = -1 Geometry:
Valid point.
Point at (1.000,0.000,0.169).

point ID: 60e2ac06-0163-4633-b8e0-e45b9ddc3c9d (1263613) Layer name: Default Render Material:
source = from layer
index = -1 Geometry:
Valid point.
Point at (2.000,0.000,0.343).