Motocross mudguard how to?

Hi all, would it be possible to help me model something like this?

I’m designing fibreglass parts in fusion/inventor but have found quite a few limitations on the surface modelling front, i found the mould making tutorial on rhinoceros3d channel incredibly useful, and if he or somebody could help me with a workflow for something like this it would be a great help and there are so many tools using different names to what I’m used to I think this would be a step forward in leaving to navigate this software.


so this is a pretty standard nurbs model… look at it the same way you would if you were to make it out of paper. You’ll cut shapes out of square sheets of paper, then tape the edges together.

in rhino the sheets of paper are surfaces, and the tape is your fillet or transitional surfaces.

look at this image, I marked it up with how the surfaces break up.

the best way to work out this type of model is to focus on the main or biggest surfaces, then work out the connector or secondary surfaces.

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