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I purchased ThinkPad P16 Gen 2 laptop a few days ago because my old laptop was ten years old. The new laptop has good cooling system including heat pipes (a.k.a. vapor chambers). I have chosen the ThinkPad because Dell Mobile Precision 7680 and HP Zbook Fury 16 G10 overheat and throttle. (HP tech support is bad.) There was no professional review of the ThinkPad, but its users did not complain about its cooling system, so I got the ThinkPad and tested it. There is no free testing software that can provide all important info, so I spent $35 on professional testing software called 3DMark. The 3DMark emulates video games. It recommended test called Time Spy for my old laptop and my new laptop. Detailed test results are shown in the following pictures. You can download 3DMark from: 3DMark benchmark for Windows, Android and iOS

My opinion about my ThinkPad laptops: My old laptop looks like it was made in the Soviet Union, but it has big, useful pocket called Ultrabay Slim. When I ran out of disk space (512GB SSD), I put big disk (2TB SSD) in the pocket. My new laptop is heavier and less pretty than the Dell laptop, but it is more suitable for hard work. As you can see in the tests, its CPU throttled for about 10s in a test which lasted about 380s - good enough. When the new ThinkPad was struggling with the hardest part of the test, it was blowing as much hot air as small hair dryer. Its fan was spinning fast, but it was surprisingly quiet. Its noise resembled heavy rain. I like my new ThinkPad, but I hate its operating system - Windows 11. I REALLY HATE IT!!!

I have three complaints about the new laptop: its motherboard failed, its battery was not charging due to obsolete BIOS, and letters on its keyboard are almost invisible. The letters are thin and white. The keys have similar color - gray. (Warranty fixed first two problems.)

I upgraded GPU driver before running this test again. New scores: Time Spy score = 17183, GPU score = 18142, CPU score = 13225.

Review of cheap version of Lenovo ThinkPad P16 Gen 2:
Rhino is mentioned at 6:22-6:29.

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